Skin Health

A balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals is just as important for your body’s largest organ, your skin, as all the others. Good skincare goes hand in hand with healthy skin. In fact, the condition of your skin is a good indicator of your general health. Even if you are giving your body the right nutrition there are still many environmental and lifestyle factors working against you.

That’s why it’s helpful to know about natural and prescription skincare products. These products contain ingredients you can apply topically to help your skin texture and tone, working from the inside out. Some serums can work on the outside layer too.

As we age our fine lines appear. We suffer from skin laxity and pigmentation. Skin may become more sensitive and prone to Eczema, Rosacea (skin reddening eg flushed cheeks) and Acne.

Our products can:

  1. Treat pigmentation
  2. Relieve Eczema
  3. Improve Rosacea
  4. Improve acne
  5. Treat dry skin types
  6. Treat oily skin types
  7. Treat laxity
  8. Treat photodamage and lines
  9. Sensitive skin
  10. Mange scars and burns

These effective skincare serums and creams are only available via a Nurse prescriber or Doctor as these require prescription, they  can’t be bought off the high street .


 Facts about some off the shelf high street skin care products

–  Irritants and harmful toxins found in some off the shelfskincare


  • SLS and SLES (sulphates)- these are used as foaming agents in some cleansers. This destroys the protective barrier of the skin by stripping the skin of its natural oils and causes persistent dryness and irritation.


  • Parabens– mimic the natural hormone oestrogen and disrupts the hormonal balance and may lead to cancer. Parabens also disrupt the endocrine system and may cause developmental problems


  • Polyethylene glycol or acrylic polymers – These are plastics which may be used as a thickening agent in serums and cream which again irritate, congest and clog the skin causing acne outbreaks. They also slow down cell turnover preventing healing, rejuvenation and prevents the absorption of serums applied following this.


  • Don’t be fooled by mineral oil– A by product of crude oil it binds to moisture and your skin will feel smooth short term. Combine it with paraffin it will clog pores and increase water loss and long term cause dryness and skin breakdown.


  • Acetone– Used as the main ingredient of nail varnish remover, it has found its way into skincare products. It strips the skin of its natural oils and with longterm use can cause dermatitis. It can be used professionally as a one off prior to chemical peels to degrease the skin.


  • Phthalates– A group of chemicals that are disruptive to the endocrine system, which is responsible for hormone production. Such interference can lead to developmental, reproductive, and neurological damage. Specifically, phthalates are shown to decrease a woman’s egg quality and quantity.


  • Oxybenzone– Most sunscreens (chemical) on the high street shelves contain a harmful chemical called oxybenzone, which has been shown to be carcinogenic and hormone-mimicking



  • Triclosan- Although an antibacterial, found in cleansers, triclosan is known to be both harmful to the endocrine system and the environment. It breaks down slowly so its flushed into our oceans.


We have a skincare range incorporating Clean Science. We use medical grade ingredients to target specific skin conditions. Alumier products work from the inside out allowing its unique formulas to penetrate into the dermis where the corrective process begins. It has hyper-customised effects, bespoke to your skin’s needs. Our natural plant based ingredients are sourced ethically: no toxins and no chemicals.



For issues such as pigmentation, dry skin, acne, aging skin and rosacea please contact Helen for your bespoke skin analysis and medical skincare regime. 07518957182