Lip wrinkles form above the lip and penetrate deep into the body of the lip. Aging Over the years we are continuously using our facial muscles more so than other parts of the body due to facial expressions, eating , kissing and playing wind instruments. As the skin loses elasticity and strength due to the drop in oestrogen, ¬†during the menopausal years coupled with the repetitive movement of the oral muscle (perioral), loss of facial fat and hyperactivity of the muscle fine lines and wrinkles appear. It doesn’t help with those of us who wear lipstick as we tend to get lipstick bleed.

So how do we replace that lost volume?

  • Avoid ~UV rays – were hat and factor 40 plus all year round
  • Avoid smoking which encourages us to pout whilst drawing on that cigarette, not only that the smoke inhale slows down circulation to the skin causing dehydration and lines
  • We can start looking after our skin by using medical grade skincare with ingredients which will not only stimulate collagen production but will protect, strengthen & nourish our skin
  • We can use clinical treatments to stimulate the production of collagen (which strengthens the skin) like micro needling , skin peels, laser treatment and BT plasma
  • We can utilise a filler that is fine enough to strengthen those fine lines and replace lost volume
  • We can rejuvenate with LED light treatment
  • With moderate lip lines botulinum toxin can relax the muscle to smooth the skin

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