What’s an antioxidant? Focus Vitamin C



It’s the most abundant and powerful antioxidant available to humans. Humans source it from fruit and green leafy vegetables. But there is another form it can be applied to benefit our skin.


Vitamin C is readily available in topical form and is more beneficial than the oral route when relating to the skin. Vitamin C is found in the two top layers of the skin. As we age our vitamin C levels decrease. Aswell as this oxidative stress such as pollution, climate, sun rays and smoking can cause further depletion of Vitamin C levels.



Vitamin C protects the skin from the UV rays as it neutralises free radicals (the  molecules which strip the nutrition form the skin). In combination with sunscreen Vitamin c can protect the skin form sun damage. Sunscreens block 55% of free radicals and with extra protection from topical vitamin C this protection can be increased by a further 20% as Vitamin C neutralises free radicals. Combine Vitamin C with victim E and this makes it more effective and available to the skin.


Vitamin C is known as the super antioxidant due to the fact that it induces collagen in the skin giving it strength.  Studies have shown that continual use of topical vitiation C reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Another wow factor with vitamin C is an anti-inflammatory too as it supresses the amount inflammatory properties and is very effective in rosacea and inflammatory acne. Look out for L-asorbic acid (vitamin C)as this is more available to treating the skin effectively.




Using vitamin C


  • It should be applied in the morning after cleansing
  • Combine it with vitamin E makes it more effective
  • Specially formulated to allow maximum efficacy
  • Reduces the visible signs of aging for all skin types
  • Vitamin Rich Smoother is a powerful multitasker that works as a primer by smoothing skin texture and delivering anti-aging vitamins C and E. This formulation is the perfect base for makeup; its silky consistency evens out skin texture, minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and leaves skin looking and feeling smooth.
  • It must be kept out of direct sunlight as it becomes inactive


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