Amazing benefits from non-surgical cosmetic procedures

Over the last several years there has been an explosion of sophisticated and successful options available. To make you look fresher and rejuvenated without the need for complex surgery.

Non-surgical cosmetic procedures are on the rise and this totally makes sense for so many reasons:
• no general anaesthetic or scalpel
• shorter recovery time, fewer risks
• a fraction of the price
• minimal downtime
• scars uncommon
• you can return to work soon after

For instance, take the non-surgical eyelid lift which can be achieved with only 2/3 treatments at an eighth of the price of surgery and it works!

Eyelid lift by Helen Cleland
Before and After Treatment

What are we looking for?

Nowadays, we want to look natural, not drastically different, yet defy ageing as much as we can. If you’re seeking the natural, refreshed look that will allow you to look rejuvenated and fresh faced, non-surgical treatments will achieve exactly what you want. The end result is a difference that your friends won’t be able to put their finger on, but they will definitely remark on how well you look!

An experienced aesthetic practitioner is artist of the face. Sculpting with dermal fillers, softening lines with anti- wrinkle treatments, nourishing skin with IV nutrition, skin boosters and skin care, lifting and tightening skin with threads and Plasma BT.

Every face has a unique identity it is important this is maintained otherwise you loose your naturalness and personality.

Who is suitable for non-surgical treatments?

If you pinch your skin and there is less than 2cm of loose skin then a non-surgical option may be your best answer.

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