What are Dermal Fillers?


The most common type of dermal filler is made from Hyaluronic Acid (HA). Its temporary and can also be dissolved if needs be so its the safest form of dermal filler. This gel like substance is actually  found naturally in our skin. HA is also known as hyaluronan. It retains water 1000 times its weight, keeping skin moist and lubricated. Over half  our HA is found in the skin. Coupled in with elastin (giving elasticity) and collagen (strength), HA gives our skin that plump rejuvenated look. It also helps with soft tissue growth, prompts your body to make more collagen and elastin, keeps your skin moisturized, prevents tightness, boots elasticity, and reduces scarring.

Dermal fillers are copied to mimic our own HA therefore the body accepts it easily. There are no anaimal products in HA. HA is widely found in the cosmetic and medical aesthetic world. Aesthetic Doctors and Nurses use injectable dermal fillers to replace lost volume, address lines, wrinkles, contour and revitalise the skin






How Long does it last?


Dermal fillers are not permanent. How long they last depends on the type of filler and where it’s injected whether it be for fine lines or lips or cheeks. The more volume that’s required the more viscious the product. Filler usually lasts between 6 and 18 months.

Will 1ml of Filler be enough?


Treating with 1ml at a time is certainly appropriate for some areas, such as volumising lips or having small tweakments into other areas of the face. Sometimes, however, more than 1ml may be required – in the cheeks, for example – as 1ml may not make much of a  difference.


As a  Nurse Prescriber I Helen Cleland, will guide you through the process of a thorough consultation and assessment to ascertain if you are the right candidate for dermal filler treatment. I provide natural results at our Clinic based in Cheltenham town centre in Gloucestershire.



As we age our HA content reduces drastically and that’s why when we mature our skin becomes :-


  1. Dry
  2. Fine lines and wrinkles appear
  3. Facial volume loss
  4. Sagging


Not only that, due to years of exposure to UV rays, smoking and pollution this accelerates the depletion of HA along with collagen and elastin.




How does it work?


  1. Supplements HA dosing of 120-240mg per day is shown to increase skin moisture and slow down decline
  2. When applied to the skin in the form if serums skin may appear smoother. However, this depends on the molecule size of the HA and if it can penetrate the skin layers and work from the inside out. Off the shelf skincare products wont be able to penetrate deep enough for an effective result.
  3. Hyaluronic acid significantly decreases the depth of wrinkles and enhances skin firmness and elasticity.
  4. Using injectable fillers cause collagen and elastin stimulation – As the needle penetrates the skin this stimulates collagen and elastin production, HA is made of different molecule sizes which means it can be used to contour, enhance & volumise. It can also be used to give deep skin hydration to improve skin quality you may have heard of  Profhilo or skin boosters
  5. Dermal filler can be used in different areas suchas crows feet (around the eyes), droopy mouth, sagging jawline, to enhance cheeks, to fill in sunken temples, reduce nose bumps & enhance chins

How does it benefit me ?


HA replaces lost volume. This hydrator works from the inside out giving deep hydration which skincare can’t possibly do to the same extent. Our Nurse Prescriber Helen finds in Cheltenham that the most common treatment for filler is lips and cheeks. These areas lose volume as we age causing cheek hollowing and lines form around the lips. Dermal filler enhances the lost volumes in our cheeks so give a lift and defined cheeks and it not only fills out the body of the lips but supports the upper lip area reducing upper lip lines too.

What are the longterm benefits?

  1. Produces long-term collagen and elastin production- Aging causes gradual depletion of elastin and collagen apart from during the menopause as collagen decreases by 30% in the first 5 years of menopause
  2. Fillers can be used in combination with other products giving natural results such as BotoxTM and LED light treatments to improve skin tone and reduce wrinkles
  3. I provide natural results that are achievable to e.g. replace lost volume in cheeks or to tackle superficial lines around the lips
  4. Ive found results are immediate and true results happen after one to two weeks once the slight swelling has subsided. Cheek filler can last 18 months and lips 6 -9months
  5. Research shows that Fillers help boost self confidence
  6. I find dermal filler is also effective for lifting and smoothing out scars and decreases shadowing especially under the eyes



We can help rejuvenate and enhance your skin by smoothing contouring and replacing lost volume. Helen Cleland Non-Surgical Aesthetic Procedures is situated in her Cheltenham Clinic in the town centre. Helen has a total of 28 years as a Nurse with experience in Burns and Plastics as a theatre and Anesthetic Nurse with 14 of those specialising in facial Non Surgical Aesthetics. For more information & booking please contact Helen 07518957182 email: helen@helencleland.co.uk   www.helencleland.co.uk