What are thread veins?

Also called spider veins , broken veins or capillaries.

The Vasculase is a quick and easy treatment to  rid  these unwanted veins. You may only require one treatment. These typically  appear on the face, ankles, thighs & calves.the laser beam targets the thread vein and the red blood cells absorb the energy causing the vein to heat up and damages the unwanted thread vein. The vein closes down and the body absorbs it causing it to disappear.

As we age we become more suseptible to the outside elements , little veins appear close to the surface of our skin. Light is directed  to the veins causing the blood to coagulate. the blood is diverted to the deeper veins.


What can I expect?

The veins are permanently removed but we must bear in mind that deeper ones may develop on the surface. Hormonal changes, weight gain, ageing, alcohol, Roseacea and outdoor ailments may contribute to thread veins.

The veins will permanently disappear as the laser moves across the skin. A heat sensation is experienced


How many treatments are required?

Typically one treatment is required but you may require another due to the depth of the vein.

How long until you see results ?

results are seen instantly during the treatment.

Is there any downtime or aftercare?

The area may appear red and should settle within 24 hours. No heat treatments or sun bathing . Use a SPF of 40 plus