Tattoo removal using Plasma treatment. An effective procedure to remove tattoos, as well as skin discolouration including colasma, melasma and sunspots. A simple procedure of sublimation without the use of laser, acids or peels. Serums may be used in conjunction with Plasma BT to aid the process.

Post Treatment

After the treatment, the patient should feel little discomfort and can carry on with their normal activities. Any residual scabs will disappear within approximately 7 -10 days. Plasma BT treatment offers all of the benefits that traditional surgery does not- including less discomfort to the patient, none of the risks of surgery, a far quicker recovery rate and substantially lower cost. To find out more about the treatments call us to book a free consultation.

Obagi Nuderm

Our Obagi Nuderm skincare range can not only prepare the skin for your tailored skin peel but achieve healthy skin from the inside out and target each cell. One recommended option to treat dark spots and pigmentation is the use of prescription 4% hydroquinone, which is found in products such as the Obagi Nu-Derm® System and Obagi-C® Rx System. A consultation with your skin care physician can help you decide which treatment plan is best for you. The Obagi system utilises potent and prescription technologies to penetrate all layers of the skin. This Medical grade skincare range delivers a system which exfoliates, targets pigmentation and increases collagen production which slows down as we age. Obagi Nu derm transforms the skin.