Men seeking non-surgical aesthetic treatments are on the rise. The media and women’s influence has increased men’s awareness and it is acceptable for men to have treatments.Men age differently than women therefore we can’t treat men and women the same way. Due to multiple facial differences in skin, and underlying tissues men require a somewhat different approach.

The most common problems that men mention are:1. Forehead lines2. Lack of jaw definition3. Congested pores and uneven skin tone4. Undereye hollows/dark circles5. Low energy/lack of focus6. Skin wrinkling7. Unwanted hair

Treatment information:

Lets talk about Botox! Forehead lines are caused by repeated muscle action/expressions (e.g. frowning, raising the eyebrows) combined with ageing, genetics, diet and UV damage. Everybody will experience fine lines and wrinkles, however over time they become more permanent and are visible even when the face is resting. Deep frown and forehead lines can make you look tired, stressed or angry.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections work by relaxing the muscles which contract during facial expressions resulting in to a more rested and smoother forehead. Anti-wrinkle injections prevent you looking stressed and angry as these facial muscles become relaxed with treatment.

This is our most popular in-clinic treatment for one very simple reason – it works so well! Prior to treatment you will require a Consultation to assess your skin and determine your suitability. You will then be booked in for your treatment which takes around 15-20 minutes and is relatively painless. You will start to see results in 7 -10 days but it will take 2-3 weeks for the full effects to be seen, at which time we will see you again to check how it looks and make any adjustments we feel are necessary.

Men generally have an angled chiselled face but the over 40s may see their skin sagging around the jaw and chin area. We can improve this definition with Ellanse. This advanced dermal filler is made from a substance called biomedical polycaprolactone microspheres suspended in a tailormade gel. Once injected, there are immediate visible results which remain throughout the chosen period of longevity. It stimulates the production of collagen and elastin which gives the skin more strength and elasticity.

Men, like women, lose volume and skin integrity. Ellanse filler contours and defines facial shape. Immediately after your treatment, when you look in the mirror, you should notice an immediate improvement. This treatment lasts for 12-18 months.

At the consultation, we assess your skin and determine suitability. The treatment itself takes around 30-40 minutes and is relatively painless. You will see the results straight away and will continue to improve over the next 2-3 months. You may suffer some mild side effects such as bruising, swelling and tenderness so you should allow for this in the days following treatment.

Due to high levels of testosterone men have oilier skin. Clogged pores are one of the biggest skincare problems men face and if left untreated can lead to blackheads and acne breakouts. Unfortunately, there is no quick way of eradicating acne and blocked pores. Simply washing your face won’t be enough to control blocked pores… Not many men want to follow a complex skincare routine which is why we like to keep it simple. A good salicylic acid-based face wash or benzyl peroxide for more aggressive acne can be effective for reducing oil production and keeping pores clear. For excess oil production, we have oil mopping products which slow down production. For men with acne breakouts, the addition of a treatment serum and retinol can work wonders to clear the skin.

For more problematic skin a course of skin peels can be very effective in reducing acne breakouts and treating scarring which can happen as a result of picking spots. Skin peels and micro-needling are also an excellent way of renewing and resurfacing the skin to keep it looking healthy and youthful.

Derma FNS can help with skin texture, acne scarring and it also stimulates collagen production. It extensively improves the appearance of stretch marks, acne scars and chickenpox scars. It works by tiny needles penetrating the skin in a measured way. This increases the absorption capacity of hyaluronic acid, minerals vitamins and peptides applied during treatment further increasing the production of collagen and elastin

Under eye hollows or dark circles give the impression of tiredness which can be very aging but it is usually either hereditary, ageing or weight loss. Whatever the cause of your under-eye problem we can improve this are with dermal filler. Tear trough treatment uses dermal filler to fill in the volume loss in the lower lid to cheek region.

The result instantly gives a refreshed look and people will notice you don’t look as tired as you did.

There may be some initial bruising and swelling which will subside within a few days and the result will last 9-12 months.

If you have puffy eyes you may not be suitable for Tear Trough treatment but we can suggest a highly effective eye cream which reduces puffiness, makes fine lines fade away and brightens dark circles.

See eyelid lift.

More than 1 in 3 people take daily vitamin supplements and while we know they are beneficial; few people realise that the body’s digestion process can render up to 85% of a vitamin pill useless – so only 15% of the active nutrients may actually find their way into the bloodstream. With IV Therapy the nutrients enter the bloodstream immediately allowing much higher concentrations of nutrients to be delivered directly to the body. All of our vitamin drips contain a blend of essential nutrients often lacking in modified and over processed food. By delivering these vitamins, minerals and amino acids directly into the bloodstream your body and mind can be restored to its peak performance and maximum energy levels.

The following drips are available:

Age defying
Hair tonic
Detox/fat burning
Mood support
Sport tonic
Immune booster

See IV Nutrition.

No time for a Drip? Our Booster Shots take just a few minutes and will have you feeling more energised and more focused within a few days.

A unique skin remodelling treatment that works by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin in the skin through the slow release of Hyaluronic Acid (HA).

Unlike other anti-ageing injectables that use fillers to add volume and stretch out the skin, Profhilo uses Hyaluronic Acid, a naturally occurring substance in the body to hydrate, firm and actually rebuild new, younger-looking skin cells.
Profhilo is an excellent anti-ageing treatment, clinically proven to help with a wide range of ageing symptoms. It acts as a hydrator rather than a traditional dermal filler, and is therefore fantastic for those with tired, dull and ageing skin, as it provides overall more plump and luminous skin.

Examples of some of the signs of ageing that Profhilo can be used for including:

• Wrinkles such as crow’s feet, smoker’s lines, smile lines and frown lines.
• Saggy, loose skin – on your face, decolletage, neck, arms or hands.
• Dull, dehydrated looking skin.
• Sunken skin that needs more volume.

It’s not just for women many male clients want to address unwanted hair. In fact, laser treatment is an ideal hair removal solution for men as it can be used to treat most areas of the face and body, without the worry of ingrown hairs or shaving rash. No more stubble or uncomfortable regrowth.

Other types of hair removal such as waxing, shaving alone and hair removal creams, although can be convenient, can also be time consuming. The results usually don’t last long and regrowth can be itchy and prickly sometimes creating a shadow under the skin giving an uneven skin tone.

When you’re removing hair from large areas of the body, such as your chest or back this can be a lot more difficult to reach when removing by yourself, so this is why laser hair removal is the most convenient method of removal with your qualified practitioner, ensuring you receive the most thorough treatment, to achieve the best results.

With laser hair removal, regrowth is minimal reducing the hair by up to 90%. If you do experience regrowth, the hair will be much softer, finer and lighter than before.

View laser hair removal.