Anti-wrinkle treatment is suitable for people aged over 30 and under 65. The treatment can result in the smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles and can soften  established lines.

Anti-wrinkle solution is carefully injected into specific muscles in the face to temporarily relax them. Softening facial expressions and helping to reverse the signs of ageing. It has a proven efficacy and safety profile, backed by decades of clinical work.  The treament takes about 10mins to perform and results in a natural-look. You can resume your daily routine straight after the treatment.

Anti-wrinkle treatment relaxes the muscles that are involved in the formation of dynamic lines and wrinkles.

For the temporary improvement in the appearance of moderate to severe glabellar lines (these are vertical lines between the eyebrows). Forehead lines, neck lines, lip lines, down turned mouth corners and dimpled chin can all be improved. We can also help your gummy smile.

Before and After treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

The treatment takes 5-10 days to take effect and optimises at about 2-3 weeks.

The treatment lasts 3-4 months

Recovery is immediate. You can resume normal activities straight after. However its best not to do any vigourous exercise following the procedure as it may cause bruising.

A treatment is required after it has worn off. Usually 3-4 months.

The cost depends on how many areas are treated. Prices start at £175