My story – The  Sun and what I know now!

When I was a teenager in the 80s it was fashionable to be a bronzed beauty.

My friends and I  used a product called Ultra glow  to give us that metallic gold bronzed look.  We had fake tan which was rubbed on as easily as it rubbed off leaving our clothes stained with brown goo…… awful!

Many of my school friends used to rent out a ‘sunbed’ to our houses and lie for hours to get that sun damaged bronzed look. As I’m Irish and freckly I hoped that my freckles would join together to give me that all over tan which I longed for. I used to spend hours under it and I remember that smell now I know it as  sizzling flesh.

At the time I loved it the brown look and it was was more attractive than my pale freckly bland skin.  Not only that I spent all my hard earned money as a student nurse on package deals to places such a Greece , Crete, Spain , Tenerife , Cyprus. To further damage my skin I used  baby oil in the hot midday sun . Falling asleep and frying and blistering my decolletage which now I’m truly suffering for as I’ve bad wrinkling in that area which can’t be erased. However, it can be softened by profhilo which improves my skin quality and softens wrinkles.

The truth about paler skin types

While Caucasian people have the highest risk of developing all types of skin cancer, they also have the best rate of survival as its detected more easily due to awareness. According to a study, people of African American descent were four times more likely to receive a melanoma diagnosis after it had progressed to a life-threatening stage. It’s imperative that regardless of ethnicity or phenotype you have your body checked regularly / once yearly. So just because you have a darker skin type it doesn’t mean you cant develop skin cancer.

For me, perhaps the scariest stat is that exactly one blistering sunburn as a child or teen doubles your risk for developing melanoma.  Five or more before the age of 20 and you’re 80 times more at risk. I honestly can’t say how many blistering sunburns I got as a child but it’s a lot more than one. My father was a travel agent so we travelled around Europe twice a year with all of us burning and peeling. On one occasion ( as a 9 year old child) I put aftersun on my back thinking it was sunscreen and went out in the sun. I lay on my tummy for the rest of the week with severe blistering and in a lot of pain!

How can we improve our skin care habits?


  • Wear a hat sunglasses in the spring and summer
  • Wear SPF factor of at least 40 plus and reapply every 2 hours when in the sun
  • Use a physical blocker sunscreen which uses zinc oxide and not a chemical sunscreen

Physical blocker reflects the suns rays therefore do not penetrate through the skin and into the bloodstream.

In addition to daily sunscreen use please use it all year round even in the winter.

We can use specialed skin care products that are medical grade, prescriprion only that will benefit our skin and skin type as not one fits all.

Ingredients like

  • Vitiamin C- In the most effective form ( l-asorbic acid )
  • Antioxidants
  • HA, peptides, amino acids
  • Chemical free products


Did you know that high street brands although they may be filled with the “right ingredients” they don’t penetrate through the top dead layer?

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NOT ONE SKINCARE REGIME FITS ALL- I suggest a non chemical medical grade skincare range 

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