What is Profhilo™️?

 It’s an injectable treatment to smooth out your skin soften fine lines and wrinkles and improve skin tone. It’s been around for a bout 7 years but has caused quite a commotion in the aesthetics industry. It achieves refreshed glowing skin.  Helen, our Nurse Prescriber was one the first practitioners trained on how to administer Profhilo In Cheltenham

So how does Profhilo™️ work and what are the benefits?

By injecting areas such as the face, hands, neck, sagging arms & knees. Hyaluronic Acid is used to boost hydration and improve skin quality by boosting collagen and resulting in improved texture, brightness to dull and aging skin and reducing saggining & crepey areas.

Profhilo™️ is classed as a filler however it differs as Fillers give volume to specific areas whereas profhilo doesn’t change facial structure but gives moisture and hydration to dehydrarted skin and results in a radiant appearance.

The treatment consists of generally 5 points on each side of the face . There will be a bit of stinging with each jab bit not painful. It works by hydrating beneath the skin acting as a deep moisturiser from the inside out. So firstly, it hydrates the skin and then stimulates the production of collagen which gives the skin strength and structure.

What are Profhilo™️ side effects?

 With little downtime – most you’ll get is a bit of lumpiness and redness . This takes about 24hours to subside. If you’ve had your neck treated its best to wear a scarf for a while. Makeup is a no due to the needle penetration

What’s the difference between fillers and Profhilo ™️?

Although these two treatments are both antiaging treatments and are made of the same “ingredients” they are not the same.  As we probably all know hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a gel like substance found in our skin to hold in moisture and keep our skin hydrated and supple. When we age this diminishes especially when women reach  menopause.

Its synthetically formed to copy what we have naturally and injected into the face to minimise wrinkles, modify cheeks, marionettes lip and many more features.

So filler targets specific areas to volumise, smooth out wrinkles and modify eg nose bumps and contours the face. Filler is usually concentrated to one area so if you were augmenting cheeks that’s the area you wound focus on and inject whereas with Profhilo it plumps freshens and tightens the whole face . So in comparison to filler tends to  stay where its injected whereas Profhilo speads underneath the skin at the 10 points of hydration. HA used in fillers is mixed with other ingredients , unlike Profhilo which is highly concentrated and purified HA. So whilst HA is the common denominator in injectables their HA used is very different



How does Profhilo™️ and filler benefit the skin?

 Just to summarise Profhilo™️ is like an internal moisturiser working from the inside out. Unlike off the shelf moisturisers Profhilo can penetrate to the dermal junction hydrating and rejuvenating where the skin needs it most. HA, if left on top of the epidermis will not be very effective as the molecule size is too large to hydrate the skin. As natural HA is found deep in the skin layers giving hydration in with collagen and elastin it increases suppleness when injected to result in maximum effectiveness being hydrated skin.



Profhilo™️ Dermal Filler
What it is ? Runny honey like HA Usually thick gel like HA
What does it do? Spreads under the skin plumps and hydrates aswell as stimulating collagen production Stays where its palced shapes, volumizes & fills fine lines
How often? 2-3 treatments 4 weeks apart followed by maintenance 1 treatment depending on area every 6- 18 months
Where can it be used? Neck, arms , knees decolletege Nose. Lips, cheeks temples, jawlines, tear troughs . nose , lines and wrinkles

How do we find out if profhilo is the right treatment for you?

We firstly do a thorough consultation to include a medical history and a fill facial and skin assessment . If the treatment is the right one for you we’ll give you all the information in both verbal and written form and give you time to think about it . My number is available for you to contact me aby telephone or in our Cheltenham Clinic during working hours. 01242896997