We are all by now well aware that sunscreens must be worn all year around even on those cloudy days. Its not safe to just skip that sunscreen when there’s not much sunshine. Why does every aesthetic practitioner shout about the importance of sunscreen?

Well it’s a FACT the sun and its UVA ray are directly responsible for those fine lines and wrinkling aswell as pigmentation and in turn premature aging!  UVA rays are present and even penetrate through windows. So even when you’re inside the damage can still happen. UVA penetrates deep into the skin and may permanently damage your DNA.

UVB rays damage the upper layer of the skin causing sunburn and sun tan. A suntan is actually the skin trying to protect the deeper layers by turning a darker shade or burning. Damage from UVB rays can lead to skin cancer.

At Helen Cleland Non-Surgical Aesthetic procedures in Cheltenham we can analyse your skin to show you the condition of your skin by using our skin analyser. This ensures we use the right skin care products for your skin. eg if you’ve oily skin we use an oil free sunscreen and if dry skin a moisture rich sunscreen.

What’s the most effective sunscreen suitable to your skin?

Through the decades sunscreen has improves and I do remember some sunscreen smelling like fruity food or even a cocktail like smell. Times have thankfully changed and there is sunscreen which are formulated to protect us more than just smelling nice with some protection. Nowadays its smooth and light weight and has formulations which make your skin fell and look good too.

Please join the SPF everyday club by making your sunscreen an everyday routine without negotiation. If anything, sunscreen is the most important skin care product. If you won’t use anything else protect your skin by using your SPF of 40 plus. I always say to my patients that there’s no point in spending 100s and thousands on Botox and fillers if you’re not using an effective sunscreen. At the end of the day sunscreen will prevent and protect thus preventing premature aging and in the long run will prolong the anti aging effect.

It said that it takes 21 day to establish a routine so by putting your SPF on you bathroom sink you won’t forget to use it and it will become automatic.

If you’re going to use it use enough its safe to say that ½ a teaspoon is sufficient for your neck and face. Rub in on one application and don’t keep rubbing as this may break down the active ingredients.

Lastly keep your sunscreen at hand to reapply every 2 hours. Try not to miss those top ups!

Try our Alumier or prescription range to nourish and protect your skin

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