Medical grade skincare Vs High Street. What's the difference?

Sunspot treatment by Helen Cleland

Believe it or not there are rules around advertising and skincare. Legally, high street skincare products can only treat the top, dead, layer of the skin.

What does this mean?

There are many buzz words around marketing skincare products!


  • The top layer of skin is made up of dead skin cells which are replaced every 4 weeks in a healthy young skin.
  • The molecule size of over the counter (OTC) skincare is large so it just sits on top of the dead skin cells.
  • Due to large size of the molecules it cannot penetrate below the dead layer (epidermis) but can still damage during cell renewal.
  • OTC products may seem to make a short term difference but continued use will cause ongoing skin problems.

‘My High street skincare cream feels and smells nice’ – Perfumes, fragrances over time irritate the skin and can lead to: inflammed , sensitive , persistent dryness, especially in menopausal years. It will also interrupt the skin cell cycle and cause skin barrier breakdown.

‘But my high street cream tightens my skin’ – This is because it contains alcohol. Prolonged usage of alcohol will leave the skin dry and flaky as it eats away at the skin surface. This unnecessary stress on the skin will lead to the interruption of the skin renewal cycle, resulting in an extremely unhealthy skin condition. On oily skin it will causes blemishes due to damage.

Medical skin care products  penetrate the 2nd layer of the skin where the collagen and elastin are found and where cells are activated to renew the top layer of skin maintaining the barrier function. The molecule size in medical skincare are specifically designed to penetrate below the top layer and  to actively manage skin conditions suchas oiliness, dry and sensitive skin, whereas high street products may breakdown this causing irritation, redness and dryness.

My advise is use a medical grade skincare regime which will effectively treat your skin condition. I always opt for there sustainable chemical free option

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