Lip lines especially upper lip lines are noticeable not only to us but other people and the most common complaint that I get is lip stick bleed where lip stick bleeds from the red lip to the skin above and below . Don't worry there are ways we can improve and soften those lines.

There are many layers of tissues which make up the human body and the last one being the largest organ in our body called skin. Facial skin is vulnerable  as its always exposed to the elements. when we greet each other the first thing we do is look each other in the eye and usually smile.  We  Today Im going to talk about lip lines how they form and how to soften them..

Upper lip lines or smokers lines are called that as they occur earlier  in  people who smoke.  Lip wrinkles form above the lip and penetrate deep into the body of the lip. Over the years we are continuously using our facial muscles even more so than other muscles  of the body and its  due to facial expressions, such as  eating , kissing and playing wind instruments that cause lines in the upper and lower lip area. Aging doesn’t help either. Generally our bone structure changes, we lose volume in our face and skin starts to sag and loose elasticity and strength. Due to the motion of the muscle which is like a purse string allowing us to pout and kiss the lines present with age will stay there at rest  Unfortunately when women get to a certain age skin begins to change. Men don’t have so much of a drastic change as although testosterone levels drop the hormone decrease isn’t as sudden as women.

During the menopausal years skin loses elasticity and strength due to the drop in oestrogen, as its responsible for the production of collagen. Coupled with the repetitive movement of the oral muscle (perioral), loss of facial fat and hyperactivity of the muscle fine lines and wrinkles appear in the skin. The quality of skin reduces too. It doesn’t help with those of us who wear lipstick as we tend to get lipstick bleed. Don’t worry there is a way of treating and softening those pesky upper lip lines. People also refer to them as smokers lines . You don’t have to smoke to get smokers lines the lines are referred to as this as that’s its more common in people who smoke.

So how do we smooth out those lines and wrinkles ?

  • Avoid ~UV rays – were a  hat in the sun and factor 40 plus all year round
  • Avoid smoking which encourages us to pout whilst drawing on that cigarette, not only that, the smoke inhaled slows down circulation to the skin causing dehydration toxicity and in  lines and dull yellowing skin.
  • We can start looking after our skin by using medical grade skincare with ingredients which will not only stimulate collagen production but will protect, strengthen & nourish our skin
  • We can use clinical treatments to stimulate the production of collagen  like micro needling , skin peels, laser treatment and BT plasma
  • We can utilise a filler that is fine enough to strengthen those fine lines and replace lost volume
  • We can rejuvenate with LED light treatment
  • With moderate lip lines botulinum toxin can relax the muscle to smooth the skin
  • PRP uses a component of your own blood to stimulate collagen production. A solution is prepared from your platelets, which are tiny blood cells that help with healing, and they’re injected into your face through a microneedling device. It’s sometimes called the vampire facial
  • Non ablative skincare laser Also known as non-wounding lasers, they work by delivering a precise wavelength of light below the skin’s surface to induce a controlled injury, which promotes cellular renewal and the production  of collagen. 

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