Did you know that Dr Carruthers an eye specialist discovered something spectacular

Botox™️ Smooths out Wrinkles

Before 1987 Botox was being used in traditional medicine. Medical issues such as muscle contractures, squints, eye twitching.

Dr Jean Caruthers used it to treat eye twitching. It was her patient who noticed a smoothness around her eye area. Light bulb moment! Dr Jean Carruthers teamed up with her husband Alistair who is a dermatologist. They knew they were on to something big. From then they trialled and wrote papers on Botox. which resulted in treatments to smooth out lines. Using it on the frown line & progressing to around eyes and forehead area. Later, other areas of the face became acceptable for use . areas suchas jawline, neck bands, dimpled chin, droopy mouth & bunny lines.

How does Botox™️ smooth out wrinkles?

So there are two types of wrinkles static and dynamic. Static which appear at rest .(without making and expression like frowning). Dynamic -which will only appear when e.g. frowning or smiling.

Static lines form over time, by using the muscles to make the skin wrinkle. Aging causes loss of strength and structure in skin. This causes the skin to weaken and the lines become ingrained in our skin. The skin doesn’t smooth out when we aren’t making that smile or frown. So these wrinkles become visible even at rest. If you treat these with Botox™️ the lines will not disappear but will soften over time.

Dynamic lines- these only appear when we make the expression. When the muscles are at rest they disappear. So if you’ve Botox™️ and you smile you won’t get those smile lines at the side of your eyes.

Botox™️ doesn’t work straight away it take roughly around 2-3 weeks to be effective.

You may feel your muscles feeling weaker over this time it lasts usually about 3-4 months.

A very common question I get asked ” Will it cause me to look older”? Research has proving ed, that once the effects of Botox wear off, your face will NOT look older. Actually, the opposite happens. This is due to the muscle not contracting and wrinkling the skin for a period of time.

Botox injections help you get rid of some of the unwanted wrinkles. If you have wrinkles around the eyes, forehead, chin, jawline, droopy mouth, gummy smile. it also helps with teeth grinding by softening the muscle that allows us to grind.

Not only that Botox™️ treats excessive sweating. It blocks the nerve signals which activate the sweat glands. In turn limits sweat production. This treatment lasts from 6-12 months being very effective.

Others ways way of using Botox™️ is to use it very supweficially on the face to tighten up enlarged pores. Botox works on the oil producing glands slowing down oil production. Not only that it constricts little capillaries which may cause redness.

This is a new way of using Botox™️. We combine Botox with  vitamins and minerals  & HA in a micro needling device to give our face a glow wow facial. This may last 3 months.

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