Colour match Sunscreens

Find your perfect sunscreen

Our previous blog talked about the importance of your sunscreen in your daily routine. We all know it’s the most effective barrier to protect our faces from the sun’s harmful rays. Now its about choosing the correct sunscreen that suits you.

Formulas these days are far more sophisticated than they were 30 years ago and can be tailored to your skin type. Textures can be thick and thin and smooth and easy to apply. It even comes in tinted versions so you can skin foundation especially in the summer months.

The Right Shade

The tinted suncreens I provide are the last product of your skincare regime. Its important you find the right shade for your skin. You may use Alumier’s colour match tool to ensure you are using the correct shade. Look at the shade to ensure you are choosing the right one All you need is a phone a mirror or a friend.

How to use it

Open the colour match tool you will see the shades hold your phone up, make the match. Find the one that looks most natural to you. If you need any advice just contact me

What about the formulas?

It’s true you need to find a formula you really like. The sunscreens I recommend use a physical sunscreen which means the sun bounces off the sunscreen leaving your skin protected. WE use thee only 2 filters that are deemed safe by the FDA and you don’t need to worry about absorption into your body or Sealife / as there is no pollution. These will nourish and protect your skin without irritation.

What are the sunscreens like?

We’ve six different types. The clear shield is non- comedogenic so it won’t block pores. Its suitable for oilier skin types.. Moisture matte is a thicker match. For anyone with very oily skin it balances hydration levels by soaking up oil. Sheer hydration, suitable for drier skins types moisturises and protects with vitamin E.

What’s added to enhance your sunscreen?

Not only do Alumier sunscreeens offer bro0ad spectrum protection but they are light and comfortable and packed with antioxidants to help super charge your sun protection. The vitamin packed sunscreen (C&E) neutralises free radicals. Free radicals  weaken the skin leading to premature again & pigmentation. By choosing an antioxidant rich sunscreen you are helping maximise your skins defenses

Use Alumier’s colour match tool to help with the perfect shade and protection


for more information on SAFE CHEMICAL free sunscreens please give me a call 01242896997