Katy’s Lip filler Journey

Katy had called me a couple of times in my Cheltenham Clinic but due to her fear, she was too scared to make an appointment for a consultation. After about one year of researching, she decided to come and see me.

On meeting Katy, she was quite nervous and she advised me of her concerns. She showed me a picture of her smiling. In this picture she said it looked as if she had no upper lip as it seemed to disappear when she was smiling. She was also concerned about the possible level of pain.

After looking at her teeth I realised Katy had a protruding lower jaw. Her bottom teeth sat in front of her upper teeth) which made her top lip recede.

Katy asked me what I could do to plump up her top lip with filler  and make it visible and not to disappear when she smiled.

I explained that the natural ratio for lips is 1/3 top lip 2/3rds bottom lip. Anything goes these days depending on what the patient requests.

Yet, if someone asks me for something that is extreme, I will not perform the procedure. Here at Helen Cleland Non Surgical Aesthetic procedures in Cheltenham we aim to achieve a natural

Most people request the bottom lip is bigger than the top and in proportion. I would fill out the top lip to be more aesthetically noticeable and in proportion to the bottom lip.


After checking Katy’s medical history form which was not contraindicated to treatment, I explained all about lips and their natural proportion

Katy asked the common questions See the results below.


1.Will it hurt?

Anaesthetic cream will be applied for 20mins this will anaesthetise the surface of the lips so will minimize the sting . There is also anaesthetic in the product, so the stinging lessens as we proceed

2 . What are the possible side effects?



Pinpoint bleeding

Swelling usually for 48 hours

A Very rare complication is into a vessel so if any severe pain or mottling later. I must be informed immediately

Every medical professional emergency protocol and medication in their emergency bag if there were to be a complication. I advise all my patients to call me text me send picture if they are at all concerned about anything post procedure.

How long does it last?

Usually 6-9 months . Given that we are moving our mouths and eating the product may breakdown faster than other fillers. It also depend on your own metabolism

Other areas of advice

It’s normal to feel lumps straight after treatment. These will go as the product integrates into the tissue which usually takes about 1 week but can take

I then proceeded to go through the aftercare

  • No touching for 48hours, No makeup 48 hr No exercise 48 hour
  • No alcohol for 24 hours as it will make you bleed and bruise more
  • Avoid any heat saunas sun steam facial for 2 weeks
  • Use ice on the area for that night onl
  • If lips feel dry use some paw paw with a clean cotton tip
  • Expect swelling the morning after the procedure
  • From 48hours onwards the swelling should subside
  • The product settles in natural HA by 2 weeks
  • Any concerns please get in touch
  • Come back in 2 weeks for a review.
  • Avoid kissing or massaging your lips directly after the procedure and possibly for up to 24 hours if it is your first lip filler injection. Do be gentle with your skin while washing for 24 hours.
  • Don’t use and exfoliating agent for 24 hours or any harsh cleaning products
  • Stay hydrated as drinking water will increase the longevity of the treatment

After removing Katy’s makeup, I then used as gentle antiseptic. I utilised my magic anaesthetic cream to help numb the lips. This stays on for 20 minutes to ensure Katy is as comfortable as possible. I proceeded to draw my points and inject Katy’s lips carefully and slowly to reduce the stinging and to be more precise.

The procedure went according to plan with the usual pinpoint bleeding. Katy did have one bruise on her right bottom lip which disappeared within a couple of days. As explained and expected swelling was at its worst the the morning after the procedure. This is due to your circulation not being as efficient whilst you’re asleep and not moving much. During the day as you move around the circulation is more active and swelling subsides.

After 2 weeks we had a review Katy said she was delighted with the results and said she will be back soon. She also expressed that it wasn’t as bad as she thought and the stress ball I gave her to squeeze did take her mind off things. The result was natural see below.

Katy was so pleased that she gave me a 5-star review on google.

Thanks so much Katy!

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