Times may be tough we could use our positive energy to do concentrate our time on when we don’t have time rushing to work. Why not improve your skincare regime.

Central heating can not only cause dehydration but can exacerbate oil production causing  acneic skin. The result is that there is less oxygen available when you spend time indoors, but also less oxygen getting to your skin through thicker clothes when you go outside, providing a perfect breeding ground for acne bacteria to colonise your skin. Combining increased oil production with acne bacteria breeding more easily and you have a recipe for exacerbated acne symptoms and acne becoming even harder to treat.


Acne what is it and  why do we get it?


Acne can affect most age groups. Some of my patients range from teenage years right up to mature woman who may suffer from acneic skin. I remember as a teenager there was no solution for my acne I just had to put up with it.

As skin is changing due to environmental influences, age, medical conditions and hormonal changes most of us at some point, have spots. Some ladies in their 50’s during menopause suddenly start getting acne and red sensitive skin. Acne can become a psychological problem and can really get you down if it’s not treated successfully.

Don’t despair there is treatment !


Acne is the interruption of the monthly cell turnover resulting in skin cells being left in skin pores, in combination with oil and bacteria they become infected and spots form.


  • Black heads are blocked pores
  • White heads are simply oil and bacteria blocking the pore prior to infection
  • Acne is not simply a skin infection. It can be caused by changing hormones, overgrowth of bacteria and excess oil production then infection


Facts about acne

  • Acne is not caused by poor hygiene – over washing may make it worse
  • Sunbeds do not help acne they dry and dehydrate your skin
  • Medical skincare treatments work if used correctly
  • It’s thought that a high sugar diet exacerbates acne but there is no evidence for this
  • Blackheads are pigmented skin cells blocking pores and cannot be removed by scrubbing


Skin advice for acne

  • Do not wash your face more than twice a day -use a facial wash with a pH suitable for acne skin- not soap and water
  • Ensure make up is removed properly -with a non-irritant non perfumed  remover
  • Always use a clean towel to dry your face
  • Do not touch squeeze or pick spots this may spread acne and cause scarring



Tips for men with acne prone skin

  • If you are shaving your face change your blade every time you shave
  • The used blade may cause bacteria growth and recurring infection causing spots
  • Use a facial wash that’s antibacterial
  • Use an AHA that’s great for ingrown hairs which can cause spots (perfume and alcohol free)
  • Don’t use aftershave on your face as this can irritate and disrupt the skin’s barrier



Different treatment plans are tailored to suit your skin type


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